A few great events!

So it’s been a long time since the last post, but I thought I would recap the last few events of the season. Fall was all about run events, since I am a fair weather triathlete, and swimming in the chilly Sept waters, is not my idea of a good time. So first up was the Zoo 10km. I had a PB on the course (it’s hilly!!) at 41:25, which put me in 2nd in my age category after the masters winners got taken out. 

Next up the Scotiabank Half Marathon. I have never run it before always favoring the fast and flat 5km. The morning started out rainy and leading up to it I was also not pleased about the forecast. Thankfully it was warm out and within a few km’s the rain tapered off. I had a GREAT run. Hampered by a little hamstring tendon recurrence (this is a 14 year off and on thorn in my side , well butt!), but it did not limit my race I felt. I wanted to go sub 1:34 and ended up running 1:31:53. I was super happy and felt really strong until the last couple of km and just stayed focused. 

Finally the Toronto Women’s 5km, when I wanted to run sub 20 for the first time. I love to come out and volunteer for this event and support my good friend and RD Cory Freedman who puts on a great show! Again race morning came with pouring rain, this time not so warm! After volunteering in the packet pick up tent for 2 hours before, I was sufficiently cold enough and at 3 km, my legs just froze up and I lost my pace . I still ended up winning my age group and staying just over 20 at 20:29, so I was still pleased. And given a couple of years ago, I never thought I would go under 21:00 for a 5km, I have run 2 under 21 with my PB still at 20:07, so sub 20 is not far off! 

The hamstring tendon is finally starting to settle down after some good treatment and cutting back on speedwork and distance. Time to keep the body moving, but scale back a bit in preparation for some new goals come 2013. 

Looking forwards to a family vacation to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary this Xmas week on a Carribean cruise! 

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