Next goals…..and recovery time

So now that the racing season is done (I ended up bailing on the TO Women’s 5km in the cold rain …. was to run with my 10 yr old, but it would have been a slow, cold event and I do NOT do well in the cold, damp weather), it is time to regroup, recover, and slow things down a bit. For me, the off season is always a hard time. I like to move and I like to work hard. But I do know that the body needs time to absorb all the hard work you put into it. Some triathlete’s and runners will totally take off a month or two of NO exercise. Or very little. I generally just cut back on the mileage, and stop speed work for a month or so. Particularly on the run. I will do some short , less intense biking intervals and swim intervals, but run speed work stops. It is amazing how quickly I feel less “in shape” as soon as that happens. Maybe it is partly psychological, but I do know there has to be some physical slowing down.

The weather is turning colder and sunlight is reducing, so for me I need to make sure I get outside enough and get fresh air or I get very grumpy. I do have a bit of mild Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I have tried the lights but don’t really think that it helps. I will need to get down south for a long weekend to get some sun and warmth. No plans of yet though. I may also try to combine it with a half marathon, but we will see. Along with not training as hard, I find it hard to not have that “race plan” in my head, looking for the next one to keep the fitness going. Off season, Off season…….it’s the off season!

I am enjoying my new role as a Mizuno Brand Ambassador. They have some amazing apparel and awesome shoes. After running almost exclusively in Lululemon for the last year or two I now have come to understand why there are no elite athletes running in their clothes! It looks good, but the breathability of the fabrics and function are totally different. Thanks Mizuno for being such a great company to work with and for all the great clothes and shoes ! Check IRUN magazine’s November issue out soon for my review of the Mizuno Breath Thermo line .


Love this Breath thermo apparel!

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