Winter 1, Elise 0 — I have been beat!

I think I have said before that I am a mild sufferer of SAD. Well as much as I tried and tried to get through winter without going south, I finally gave in. My reason for not going was that it is too expensive to spend not even a week in Florida then come back to winter. I tend to gravitate to Florida as I have more than one place to stay and it is an easy trip.
This past week I got a cellulitis infection from a blister, a nasty cold sore on my mouth, cut heels and a chilblains sore . I had had it! My skin was drying up like a prune.
My awesome husband told me to go away for a few days just on my own. He does not like Florida and also tolerates winter okay so he did not want to go anyway. I love to travel alone with my daughter as we have a great time together but she has a weekend ski program so really should not skip when we have put in that investment.
Long story short in two weeks I will have four solo days in the sun and even if it is not perfect at least it won’t look like this ………


I need the break mentally too.
Plus I want to do the following :
– put on shorts and a tank and RUN! Outside sweat and run long.
– be outside from 8 am to 8 pm or later!
– sit and read OUTSIDE
– maybe see a movie
– RUN outside …….oh I said that .
– have the hot sun on my face
– recharge the batteries

That’s it….. I am so thankful to have a husband who knows what I need and understands that I don’t do winter well and need to get that break . Wish we could all go together but I won’t complain either!
13 days and counting .

Stay warm…..

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