Making progress and moving forwards

This weekend I got out for my run and felt so blessed to be able to enjoy the fresh air and run close to 10km for the first time in 5 weeks. It’s crazy that six weeks ago I ran 22km and felt great doing it. I got to the point where a mid week 13 km was easy and my speed was up.
Bang ….. then you get sidelined and well it does not take long to lose it . I guess the good thing is that the fitter you are the less far you have to come to get it back . The other good thing is the feeling of the new challenge to get it back. It makes you feel strong and attached to a different kind of goal than a race. I had still been riding and swimming but there is still nothing like running for running fitness ( and for me , my stress release!).

My family has had to deal with a very different me. One they have seen in past but not one that I enjoy being . This is going to be a work in progress as I know the next time I have to approach my downtime in a far more positive light. I need to set good examples for my daughter and to show her that we can get through adversity and continue on . I vow to do it differently.

This weekend we are going to St Louis to visit my husband’s relatives and to take part in the Go St Louis run weekend . My husband has persevered through this hell of a winter and will run the marathon. I am very proud of him for that. I was to do the half but obviously won’t be at that place where I want to chance some others injury by jumping from 10-21 km over a week. I have signed up for the 5km and may decide to race it as long as my husband will run with our daughter which I think he will. It won’t be a PB or close to one for me but I don’t care as I just want to put on my Mizuno Wave Ekiden shoes and try to run a good 5km. And maybe I won’t have to cut a hole in them!! Then Sunday I will cheer on my husband and his cousin in the marathon and his cousin’s wife in the half. I will be happy for all of them and enjoy the spectating even if I could not be part of it too. I will keep my eye on my primary goal of being able to do Syracuse 70.3.

As most setbacks do, it teaches me a lot about myself . Parts of this I do not like and it gives me introspection as to how to be different. I am being totally honest when I say I still have not figured out how best to take the good with the bad but I will work on it . >



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