My first trail running experience

This past weekend I went for my first real trail run. I have run a short portion of one before near where I live but it is more just a dirt path with some ups and downs . This time I actually got to jump rocks ! To me that is more trail like plus the single track portions .


I always shied away from trail running. Being a total creature of habit this was not something I really wanted to try. I also have always loved the ease of running which allows one to just walk out their door and away you go. I will drive 30 mins to ride on weekends but would never think to drive to run! So why not??? And it's way closer to drive to runs than where I Ride! Makes total sense .

I went with a map in my pocket and a phone in my Fitletic waist band. That way I could both take the obligatory Twitter photos and have access to GPS and "someone help me I'm lost" phone capability. I don't usually run with my phone so I had comfort knowing I could access it.

This was my first wearing of the Mizuno Wave Hayate trail shoe. I'm in love with this shoe. Not that I have any other comparisons to make in trail shoes but it was lightweight, agile, sturdy on the uneven terrain but forgiving at the same time. When I ran on the pavement portions it was also very comfortable. I can't wait to trail run again so I can wear it them. They will also be my go to for snowy runs.


After the run I had to have the well deserved Starbucks latte. I always like to reward myself with one after a good workout out of the house. Just something about it .

What did I love most about the trail run? Being off the pavement, seeing the fall colours, not hearing cars, the freedom I felt .
Now about that navigation ability. I need to work on that or I see short runs turning into lost adventures. Maybe that’s part of what trail running is all about though. It’s a far cry from the ‘exact science’ world I tend to place myself in.
I’ve already mapped my route for this weekend !


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