Going to the Trails! And more….

Tomorrow is my first trail race! I’m doing the 5 Peaks Terra Cotta race. It’s going to be a “run” not a race. My first goal is to not sprain my ankle. My second goal is to test out trail running itself. The ups and downs, the terrain. It’s all new for me and I’m looking forward to “getting off the road” as they say. I’ll do a report shortly after. I don’t have the same nerves and fear I had before my first 5km back from injury last month. I think it’s because I have no expectations of what trail racing is like and like anything you race for the first time, each first is a PB! 

This week was so exciting for another reason too. My daughter starred as Annie in her school’s production. She was a co-Annie as there are so many kids that love this FREE program, that the director needed to create an almost double cast. She played Annie from the second half on. It was also her last production in elementary school and she’s been doing it every year since they allow in grade 2. Our choir director is 100% volunteer and her kids haven’t attended the school for five years! She is so devoted and the kids benefit so much from her love and devotion to the program. She puts on musicals you would not expect from a school production . I was beaming with pride and a touch of bittersweet sadness as this is her final year. My daughter has worked her butt off to get the role and shone on stage. 

That’s it for today. Looking forwards to getting dirty tomorrow on the trails of Terra Cotta! 

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