A Whole Different Mindset for Race #2

Tomorrow is the Toronto Women’s 5km and half marathon in Sunnybrook Park. My good friend Cory Freedman is the founder and race director and by very nature of that scenario we have been going as a family to volunteer and run for its 7 year inception. Sometimes I have run with my daughter, now almost 12, and sometimes I have run solo. I have never done the half distance here but always the 5, 8 or 10 as offered at various times of the season. 

Last year I was on crutches while I volunteered and watched friends and my daughter run the races. This year I again get to run. I won’t be running with my daughter (the last time we did one together in the fall we both realized it wasn’t fun for either of us!….. She tends to whine for 4 of the 5 km! We have enjoyed many of these events together in the past but she doesn’t like to practice run (I won’t call it training at her age), so she really does best when she goes solo. I have told her over and over that she doesn’t have to feel like she has to do it but she still claims to enjoy it! Maybe one day we will do it again together but for this one I’ll head back after I’m done and help her make it in! 

I’m really looking forwards to this race and the best part is I’m feeling a lot more confident in what my body can do than I was at Around the Bay 5km at the end of March. I don’t feel anxious like I did then. I don’t feel like I want to drop out like I did then.  I don’t plan to fire on all cylinders this weekend, as I’m still not quite there mentally to push to that extent. I know my body is way stronger, healthier and smart this go around but I’ll leave the all out efforts for later this season, if I choose to go there again. 

I’m excited for the beatutiful weather that is forecasted and to hang out and run with all my fellow Mizuno Ambassador peeps! 

And to see my daughter hopefully smiling as she crosses the line proud of herself and having participated in something that not all pre tween girls wake up at 5:30 am to do on a sunny May Sunday! 

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