Welcome to my Blog !

Hi and welcome to my new blog. I am going to try to update at least weekly, with news on training, life, interesting articles, and information on triathlon, running and anything else I want to share that I have found around the internet.

We have a new member of the family. His name is Farley and he is a Goldendoodle. With more Golden than doodle, so that means he sheds:)…but he will be a wonderful dog when he is full grown and fully trained! Right now he thinks Jada is a chew toy and our clothes are things he can latch his little sharp teeth onto and tear.

From a training and racing perspective, I did my first half marathon in 3 yrs in Miami in January. It went great

 and did it on little long run training. I finished in 1:38:17 for 12th / 1000+ in my age group. I am doing another half next weekend in Lansing Michigan. Michael and I ran at the same time and he also did great. I am also planning on a few triathlons of sprint and Olympic distance thru the summer.

The home physio biz is continuing to grow and remains busy . I still love the flexibility that working from home provides me and my family. I am also still continuing with coaching some triathletes and runners.

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