4 days to the Lansing Half Marathon

Running the inaugural Lansing Half Marathon in Lansing Michigan this weekend. My husband’s aunt and uncle live nearby and he wanted to go to do this race, so I agreed to join since Miami went so well. Forecast is for a chilly 1 degree but going up to 11, so hopefully it is warm enough for shorts by the start or my compression sleeves and 3/4 tights will be a major fashion faux pas! Looking forward to the weekend away and the break from our little puppy too. I am starting to love him a little more but he is a big added time sucker. 

Am hoping for a steady race, but not too concerned about the time as my main focus is shorter distance and so have not built up the same endurance / speed for the half distance. I would be happy with anything of 1:42 or better. 

Till next week. 

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