The Good, the Bad and the Lessons learned

The Good: 

May started out with a great race at Sporting Life 10km on May 13th. I had hoped to get a PB with a 42:20. My previous best was just over 43 mins (although that year I was stopped by an ambulance crossing the course!). I set my little virtual man on the Garmin for the above time and just went. I was gaining on him with each km, and topped out at 500 m ahead. Not having any idea what my time was, I came to see the finish line and the clock said 39:50! I was shocked. I pushed it to the end and came across at 40:05. Good for 2nd in my age group out of 1138, 24th overall female and the 2nd Masters woman. Once I got home and checked the results, I found out that I had won a GPS from Timex and a $300 gift card at Sporting Life….not bad for not expecting anything spectacular. I was so happy with my run. 

The Bad: 

The day before this event, I decided to put my puppy up for adoption. It had just become too much for me to handle and in the end I was the one home with him while I worked and taking care of him during the day and after school. I had a very stressful week leading up to this day and also felt stress of the race the next day. I put an ad on Facebook and within 3 hours I had a wonderful family coming to see him on Mothers day. They decided to adopt him and he left this past Friday. He spent a week with us before he left and I was very close to changing my mind up to the 11th hour. My husband and sister convinced me that I would be making the wrong decision for the wrong reasons and so we went ahead with it. It was a very difficult thing to do, but in the end it was right for our family at this time. And right for the dog too. 

Lessons learned: 

So much to learn about myself through this process and that impulsiveness can be the kiss of death at any time. I need to really work on this part of my personality as it has gotten me into troubling situations before. 

Next up in terms of racing is Binbrook Sprint Triathlon on June 9th. 

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