Lansing Half Marathon – April 22, 2012

Today I ran my second half marathon since 2008’s proposed long distance retirement! I am actually starting to like this distance. It was quite chilly before the race, Michael and I sat in the car with the heat on and a blanket before heading  to the start. I chose to wear 3/4 tights and my CEP sleeves, plus a long sleeve and t-shirt. In the over 10km into the wind I was glad I had chosen the warm route, but in the remaining I had wished I had my shorts on! Overall I was happy with my decision to be warmer in the legs . 

The course was rolling for parts of it, flat for parts of it and windy for much of it! As for scenery…I have no idea as I just get into this zone. Michael’s mom, aunt and uncle and Jada apparently went to two different locations and I only saw them at one. They said they were screaming to me but I did not hear them. 

I felt strong for all but mile 9-10 and 11-12 ish. Maybe it was more wind, I don’t know. Overall I finished in 1:36:10. Good for 2nd in my age group, and 5th woman. Also a PB by 2 mins+. Michael also did great. He PB’d at 1:54:36. 

So, maybe I will continue on in this path, trying to get stronger in the half. I may also consider a half IM next season. I think for this season I will stick to Oly and sprints. Our summer schedule also does not really allow for fitting in a local half IM late enough in the season to get the biking in. Plus I think I would like to do one in a nice locale. 

here are a couple of photos from today: 


Next event is Sporting Life 10km in 3 weeks. Goal is sub 43:00. 

Till next time…….I am gonna hurt tomorrow! 

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