No Surgery for me…….

Well, its been 3 weeks since I have gotten back into running and it does feel good I will admit! It is a harder road back obviously with a month off and my gait does not still feel normal to me. But whilst watching the Boston Marathon I heard that after one month off it takes two to get back your fitness. That is seeming about right. However my immediate goal of trying to qualify for the 70.3 Worlds in Tremblant for September may not be so realistic given my qualifying race is on June 22. There is no transferring of races in the 70.3 as I did research that one! Regardless I still plan to go out there, give it my best and at the very least enjoy the day. It may also be my last long event for a while…….on to the foot info.

I have seen two surgeons of late , both foot and ankle people. Best to see the ones who specialize is what you are dealing with. They both agreed that the original surgery was done well, BUT it may not have been the best choice for me given the underlying issues of hyper mobility that I have with my feet. That being said, my original surgeon did indicate that had he done another method I may not have been able to run well or run at all, so we did decide at the time this was the least invasive and best process for what I was looking for. I just wish I could have known that it would not result in longer lasting effects as I may have chosen not to do it in the first place. There are some other changes that went on in my foot since that surgery. The consensus is there will be no further surgery until I decide that competitive running/triathlon is no longer in my future. For right now, I can’t say I am ready to give that up. So, I live with it, I cut holes in my shoes to provide space for my ever widening and flattening forefoot, I sleep in this honking calf splint for another 5 weeks to lengthen out the muscle/tendon unit to decrease the pull on my foot, and I try to strengthen whatever lower leg muscles I can to support and prevent excessive roll in.

Image This boot gets so HOT from the neoprene. Maybe I should invent another…!

I will consider cutting back on my distances again after this season. Prior to surgery in 2010 I had cut back for 6 yrs going from long course, like Ironman and marathons, to 10km/Olympic distance and shorter. I enjoyed the speed and competitiveness of short course and it also suited my training likes too. I enjoy middle distance now too, but will see how it all works out from a foot perspective. I would prefer to be able to do something vs. nothing. I love running too much to give it all up at this point in my life.

Image Sadly I have to cut holes in my beautiful Mizuno shoes. But they still work! Extra air conditioning 🙂

This whole process has given me a new perspective on things. It has made me look into my life a bit more, why I do what I do and what my personality says about me. So it has not all been for naught. Everything does happen for a reason and as much as it is hard to take when you are in it and have that part of you taken away, it does usually pass. Each time it happens I do vow to deal with it better. Hopefully if there is a next time, which as an athlete inevitably there will be (although I hope not for a while!), I will deal with it in a more positive way.

On a fun note, I just booked my daughter and I on a girls weekend to NYC! Mid August, just the two of us. She is so excited and has made her list of things to do. All of them are candy shops:). I will explain to her that a girls grown up weekend in NYC includes apparel shopping, food and lots of walking. With the odd candy shop sprinkled in:)

Image This is how I told her . Hid the note somewhere where she would see it. She was so happy and grateful.
Image This is the two of us before the 5km in St. Louis.

That’s it for now.  I wish the warmer weather would stay because it is time to get outside on long bike rides, before I run out of time:). I am sort of wimpy…..Has to be at least 10 degrees by 10 am and even warmer is better. Plus now I have built in air conditioning in my bike shoe too. Booties don’t cut it for me anymore.

Have a great weekend!


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