What’s going on …… No gears

So tomorrow I am racing the Sporting life 10km. It’s an all downhill race pretty much so fast times are expected . Last year I ran 40:28 and the year prior I did 40:05. I know I have not been training as well in the last month or so after a month off for foot issues. However I just feel like In general my body is fighting some sort of overall fatigue. I am waiting for results of a test I had last week to determine if I may have developed osteomyelitis, which is a bone infection ( not the best scenario…..) . Given that the area where I lost my skin is still quite swollen varying through the day and red, the surgeon wanted to rule that out. I truly hope this is not the case as it would mean either long IV antibiotic treatment / or surgery to remove infection . I just think there is something up as my body does not have that extra gear it usually has and regular aerobic runs are feeling hard. I know my body really well and it just does not feel right. Nothing else has changed re: training ( although in last two weeks I have cut back) , diet, sleep, etc.

So after a short run today I am feeling like tomorrow may be a struggle. I will go and give it my best anyway. Day to day I am feeling frustrated though at how I am feeling physically and this is affecting me mentally too. I will hopefully hear something by mid week so if and I hope the test is clear I will head to my GP for further testing.

It’s a beautiful day today finally and I decided against a long ride despite really wanting to go as I know that if I am not feeling 100% I should save whatever energy I will need for tomorrow .

Best of luck to anyone else running Sporting Life tomorrow or any other events . And a happy Mother’s Day to those who celebrate! My 10 yr old is making me dinner so I can’t wait for that. She’s actually a pretty good cook. Here’s one of her last creations: from scratch!


Ready to try to do my best tomorrow supported by awesome Mizuno run gear and shoes ( will wear my fav Wave Ekiden) ! At the very least I will be comfy and breathable !


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