Being tested beyond belief

I hate to write negative posts but I feel like that is all I have done over the last few months. So sadly here is another notch in the ladder of mental and physical limit testing.

I ran the great Sporting Life 10km yesterday with really no big expectations after the last few months. My warm up was good. Nothing bugging me and when I started out I felt good. I set my virtual partner at a 4:08 pace and thought if I go above that I am totally cool with it. Gorgeous day , no wind, first race . Trying to get my motivation and love for it back. I was on track above my pace and hit the 5 km at 20:04. I had at that time wished it was a 5 km but continued on. As usual in this race about 7 km I get a bit of a low. What I did not expect was to have a deep ache in my pelvic bone on the left side . I continued on and kept a short stride and at about 8 km thought maybe I should pull up but of course that stupid person inside kept going. It was still just a dull ache and had it been sharp I would have definitely pulled out.

I pushed the last km and knew I was close to 40 mins. 40:35. Not a PB ( that was two years ago 40:05, but close to last year at 40:28). I knew when I was done and bumped into the lovely @runningchic Michelle Clarke that something was not right.

I have connections having been in the sports medicine world for a while so I emailed my doc. He saw me this morning and diagnosed a pelvic stress fracture. This morning I woke up wishing it has been a bad dream . It was real and he confirmed it. Sad to say my race season is done and I just want to be mobile enough soon to enjoy the nice weather strolling around with my family. For the next 5 days I will be on crutches and then hopefully a couple more weeks from now more mobile without as much pain.

Life keeps throwing me these little curveballs . Don’t they know I am not great at catching them?! I do think I said a few posts back that if I had to be sidelined again I would deal with it better. I had darn well take my eom advice. This too shall pass .

Please go and run or cycle because you can . That’s always been my motto. I will be back and for now try to catch up on books and more family time. What could be so bad about that?


And my daughter made me this beautiful Mother’s Day dinner with “pizza bowls”. She was a great hostess and did it pretty much all herself . Complete with beverages, salad , brownies and fruit salad! Love her .


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