All the Positive

I figure the more I write about how positive I can be during injury recovery, the more it will sink it. So today I wrote this: 

  • Patience is key
  • All things happen for a reason
  • You will come back stronger
  • Focus on the positive
  • All athletes go through this 
  • Negative thoughts are toxic
  • I am more than just an athlete
  • I am strong and can get through anything I put my mind to
  • This is a short blip in the road of my life
  • There is light at the end of the tunnel
  • My new goal is to read as many books as I can
  • My body is craving the rest and I will give it what it needs 

I have printed out three copies and will post them where I can see them . My daughter also came up with one. “It’s like climbing a mountain, it takes perseverance, patience and a lot of strength”. Geez she’s good! 

I also have a few medical follow ups which hopefully will shed some light on timelines. I am a timeline kind of gal. It helps to give me a sense of control over what is happening and what I can do. This new normal is getting more familiar (I am getting good at doing very little other than work and house stuff). I have gone to the pool twice to pull and am limited to my shoulder ability so I get in about 800 m tops. Enough to feel like I am moving a bit but not enough to give me another injury!!! Been there done that before. So I stop when my shoulder has had enough. I have never been a good user of the pull buoy. Some people are all arms and good at it, I get lapped (or I used to get lapped when I was in a Masters group….now I pretty much swim alone so no one can lap me:). I am a kicker. All leg. But right now can’t use those. 

Stay tuned, I will stay positive and think onwards and upwards from here. 


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