Progress Week 4 plus more…….

Well it’s been 4 weeks since my Pelvic Stress Fractures. Things are healing obviously, although never at a rate fast enough for me:). Yes Patient Polly is not so patient. But as time is going on and I am feeling less pain with the everyday stuff I am feeling more optimistic. It also helped to see a good physiotherapist who can help with “the plan” and guide towards functional exercise. I become a very dumb physio when I have to treat myself. It’s weird, but I do become a layperson. Tomorrow I am seeing a hip orthopaedic surgeon whom I saw last year for a degenerative labral tear in my other hip. He then told me I had small hip joint sockets and would always have to manage my hip issues. He wasn’t kidding! So I am not in need of surgery, but it was recommended by my GP that I see him for better follow up. I hope he will also give me insight into “the plan”. I am a plan kind of girl . Sometimes this can be a detriment, but being goal focused is a hard thing to give up.

I have managed a few times in the pool, using a pull buoy and doing some walking and a few mins of pool running here and there. Today and yesterday I got on the recumbent bike and that felt totally fine. I feel like my own bike at least on the trainer will be doable in a week or two. I may also venture into hot yoga. I always said I would NEVER do it, I like my yogaglo online classes, as they are short and easy to do at home. I am not a class person, I prefer solo workouts in my own convenience. But I may give it a go and see how I like it. I miss that sweat too!

This past weekend my daughter did Nicola’s triathlon. It’s a great local event with a lot of kids from her school and other surrounding schools. It’s a fundraiser for MFM research. The organizer’s daughter passed away at a young age from this disease and she attended my daughter’s school before my daughter was there. My daughter did well for not doing any training really. She has been doing some running as I lead the Girls on the Run program at school. She also bikes quite a bit. Swimming pretty much non existent of late. Only so much time in the week. It’s all fun for her though. It was fun for us too!


Riding the 5km bike route.

Riding the 5km bike route.

I started a great book this week. It’s called The Goldfinch. I highly recommend it. It’s always great to get into a book in the first 30 pages. It’s been a while since I really got into a good one.  Reading as many books as I can is a new summer goal of mine since there won’t be any real “training” to take up my time. I have 91 books on my “to read” Goodreads list so I better get at it.


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