Summer Progress

It seems like summer is flying by, yet according to the calendar it really just began over 2 weeks ago. My daughter is already coming home next weekend so I generally measure the speed of summer by how quickly this month of her gone will go. We went up to see her last weekend and she is having a great time, but did say “as much as camp feels like home, there is no place like home”.

Jada showing off her wake boarding skills

Jada showing off her wake boarding skills

A few weeks ago I did a post about what my new summer goals would be now that there was no racing involved. So far I am doing pretty well.
1.My husband and I have been going out on “date night” once a week at least and actually spending more time together. We spent a little too much time last week with 16 hours in the car over 3 days. Car trips for me are torture. I can’t sit still!
2. I am rehabbing, not training. At least trying to let go of that “goal” for each workout. And not overdoing it. That I am not doing. I am resting when I need to and exercising with no intensity at all and much less duration than I have in past. Workouts consist of pool running, swimming (yeah, now I can use legs!), TRX, cycling both on my trainer and finally outside.
3.I am reading a lot. Onto book #3 so far. Right now I am reading “The Girl Who Was Saturday Night”. It’s by the same author as Lullabies for Little Criminals which was also a fantastic book.
Girl Who Was SAturday

4. Spectating at Races. My plan this weekend is to go down to the Toronto Triathlon Festival to watch my closest childhood friend (who has not lived in the same city as I since we were in university ) race as well as many other friends and clients. However….they are forecasting rain and I am sorry, but I am a fair-weather spectator!
5.Just Be-ing. This one I am still having a harder time with, but in some ways I am still forced to do so. My inner desire to always be moving or doing something has been curtailed and I am talking to myself often to make sure I am okay with it. Self talk can be a wonderful thing.

5. Here’s an extra one: I am attempting to cook just a bit more. Our lives are so busy during the school year that dinner is usually something quickly put together albeit still healthy like omelettes, salads, pasta, chicken/salmon with veggies (for the non vegetarians!). So I have made a few good things so far, well really just this past week!

Kale, Roasted Cauliflower and Parmesan Salad

Kale, Roasted Cauliflower and Parmesan Salad


Warm Lentils with Spinach and Feta and Herbs

Warm Lentils with Spinach and Feta and Herbs


So there is my goal recap to date. I think I am doing okay. I saw my hip doctor for a follow up on Tuesday and his words were…..”it’s healing, it has a good callus, come see me in 2 months and don’t run until then”. My words were “are you kidding me“….only because in my mind I thought 12 weeks was a good amount of time to heal this thing and I did not want to run until after I come back from a trip to NYC with my daughter and that would have been 13 weeks. I was actually thinking how good I was that I was going to wait longer than the 12 weeks! A word to the wise, never go to a doctor appt with a goal in mind. Each time I do and expect him to say something I want, vs what may be real, I leave disappointed and frustrated and down for the day. Inferior Pubic Ramus stress fractures take a longer time to heal than lower leg or foot because they are non weight bearing bones. They don’t get the weight bearing stimulus to grow new bone the way the others do. Less blood supply too. As much as I had heard from some that it could be 4 months, I sort of had my hopes it would be sooner. That being said, 2 more months is not so bad, and maybe I will still be running in shorts by then:) When I do return to running I plan on using a very conservative program I have used in past both for myself and my clients. It’s a great program that combines frequency with low loading and periodization.

I won’t lie and say it’s been easy to watch so many people talk about racing and training on social media. Plus every runner/triathlete knows it is so hard to watch people run when you are not able to! On my way down to my follow up appt this week I must have passed 10 runners out at 7:30 am. I so badly wanted to be one of them, but I know I will again.

On wards and upwards to week 9 (not that I am counting at all)!!!!

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