Recovery Week 10 + Update on Summer

10 weeks ago tomorrow I sustained my pelvic/hip stress fractures. Wow it’s been a long go but as I have said in previous posts, a refreshing change in routine and enlightening process of self discovery. I am now at the stage physically where I don’t have any pain really and can do anything but run. Running is at a month+ away, but to be able to be active is a great thing regardless of what I can do. Not to mention to be fully functional and off walking aids and not having to think about how I am placing or using my leg. I have also been giving quite a bit of thought as to how I want to continue as an athlete. Do I want to focus more on running ? Do I want to stay in triathlon? I think I do, but will have to find that balance between training and the rest of my life so the stress meter stays down. I have said before that short course racing will be the plan at least for a while. Plus, given that my foot is not an ideal specimen and is going to be like this for good I need to do what it can handle. Interestingly enough, because it is a mechanical and structural issue vs an injury, it’s no better without running. So at least when I go back to running, I can run without knowing I am doing it more damage. Damage is done just from living!! I had transitioned out of my orthotics after 20 years of wearing after I had my bilateral bunion surgery in 2010. I loved running without them. BUT because my issues are structural, I think that may not have been the best of plans and had I not ditched them I may not be where I am today. But hindsight is 20/20. Long story short I have an appt to have them reinstated in two weeks… hoo. Orthotics are for those people who have structural issues. Basically the foot can not sit properly without them. I can try to strengthen various muscles around my leg and foot but with the degree of instability I have there I don’t think I have a hope in hell of that being the sole solution. I want to keep running, so will do what needs to be done.

My almost 11 yr old!

My almost 11 yr old!

My daughter comes home from camp tomorrow. She’s been gone a month. I miss her a lot. However there are a few things that have been positive about being childless for the month:

– when I wake up and go to bed the house looks as it did when I left it. Anything left around is mine and I don’t spend my day saying “could you please pick up……..” .

-I can make plans at whatever time of day I want to.

-I don’t have to negotiate bedtimes with anyone.

-When I sit in the yard as I am doing now, I don’t have basketballs hitting the back of my chair, my head, my computer

-My husband and I actually talk to each other …. and listen!

-My grocery bill is smaller and I don’t think about the extras I need to buy to satisfy the palate of an almost 11 yr. old.

These are all small and insignificant (well maybe except for the talking to the spouse thing!!), and having her back will be great, but it is a healthy break for all. Camp is such a great place for kids to come into their own and mature in many ways.

This was “try new things for me” week. Here is what I did. Breaking out of my generally rigid routine is another benefit of this injury.

1. I went to Moksha yoga. I have always said I don’t like yoga or don’t have time to go to a class (but I have been doing it once or twice a week with at home.) I said I don’t like to be hot in a room. BUT I never gave it a go. I walked into the room and people were lying down. Hmm, this is something out of my ordinary. Relaxing??? Where is the clock in the room to tell me what time it is and how much time is left?? In the end I really enjoyed it. I felt so invigorated afterwards. Like I had gone running. I felt happy, and positive and proud (mostly cuz I did not pass out!!).


2. I returned to some weight training vs.TRX . I have been almost exclusively doing TRX for strength once a week (more when injured) at home. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for core and strength. That functional fatigue is great. Weight training though particularly as I know my left leg is weak is a good thing right now. I will ease back in gradually, but try to work with slightly heavier weights using functional and multijoint exercise. I too enjoyed this.

3. I cooked new recipes. The other night we went to dinner to a Greek restaurant that has been in our area for 40 years. Yah we have never been there! We tend eat at home mostly and when we do go out we go to our tried and true Italian places . I ordered a veggie burger (usually I am VERY picky about these and most restaurants do not do a great job)  It was awesome. So now I need to replicate. Making my own, and experimenting with new recipes (Pinterest is an awesome source!)  is going to continue to be my goal this year especially when life gets busy again in September. I also made some great all natural energy bites to take the place of some crappy bars I tend to eat when training or before early a.m. workouts .

energy balls. Great for biking food!!!

energy balls. Great for biking food!!!

veggie burgers I will attempt to make

veggie burgers I will attempt to make


I think this is getting a little bit long so I will tie it up now. I have ended most posts since my time off for injury by lamenting all things happen for a reason. As much as I want to run, I realize my last 6-8 months before the injury took it’s toll on me. Each day now before I workout, I ask myself : How do I feel? Am I tired? Do I WANT to be doing this ? Is there something else I need to do in place? I will continue to use a checklist of sorts and talk to myself on a regular basis to make sure I don’t fall back into the overtraining spiral. I need to reconnect with why I love to be active, why I love to compete and what it means to do well for me. I do want to return to that level but in a healthy and balanced way.

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