From adversity brings opportunity

I have always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. An example is my recent stress fractures and my recovery process. I have always said I would never do hot yoga. I don’t like being hot in a room, I don’t like being around sweaty people in closed spaces:), I am not a big fan of yoga, but do a little bit of online stuff at home as I know it helps to keep my other hip and hamstring happy. I don’t do classes of any sort. How’s that for a lot of negative statements about something I had no idea I would even possibly like let alone become addicted to! Two weeks ago I did my first Moksha yoga class. I loved it! I think I have gone 5 times in the two weeks. I love the big sweat (I am not usually a bit sweater, but oh my….I am dripping!). I love the workout it provides and the challenges of holding the poses. I love tapping into my inner thoughts that the instructors facilitate. I am not one who relaxes well, or gets very introspective about my life. Yoga in this way is a great thing for me. It makes me relax and notice what my body is feeling and telling me. But I do set my limits at chanting. 🙂 . It’s just not me.


Once I get back into running (and I hope it’s soon!)  I will definitely continue at least once a week if I can (things are a bit harrier come September but I will find the time!). I just stay within my acceptable levels of flexibility without pushing too far or doing crazy poses I know I can’t handle or don’t want to risk injury trying. The yoga for me is not about becoming super flexible or putting my body into those awkward positions. For me it’s about tapping into something that is so un-natural for me but at the same time so imperative for me to connect to. It’s the first time I have done a workout that is more than a workout. I get so excited to go and come home feeling like a million bucks. Well,  that is until I start to notice the mess on the floor, things undone in the house, and hear complaints about what’s for dinner!

Who else does hot yoga? How often do you go? What got you into it?

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