Random thoughts from my ride this morning

I could not put just one tweet up this morning so I thought I would write a little blog entry. Here are some random thoughts and happenings on my ride this morning .

    I was the Houdini of cycling . Three stops . Two for clothing strips and one to change the glasses lens from yellow to “the suns out”. That’s fall riding.

    Thought I would do an extra 5km to make it 75km and longest ride of the season cuz I felt so good going out . Yah that’s because the 33km/hr gusts were at my back! Thankful for aerobars.


    Big head wind on way back and tail wind on way out!

    Big head wind on way back and tail wind on way out!

    Fueling with real food on the bike in the last few months has made a big difference to the clean feeling in the stomach and my energy level. I ate Zuchinni Almond Bars,chocolate chip oatmeal peanut butter balls and drank Honeymaxx . A great combo.

    I don’t mind riding solo. I used to get very nervous before I would ride myself. Once I was out there I was fine. This summer it just worked out that my regular riding partners have either not been around or joined big groups. I’ve been enjoying my solo time and keeping to the pace I want to ride .

    If someone told me to move in here I would not say no. I bet I could have one of those roll out plastic container drawers instead of this pet peeve of mine!


    I love cycling!! It’s easy on the body. I love the fresh air , and freedom it allows. It satisfies my thirst for endurance activities now that my long run days are done for a while if not for good!


    Looking forwards to next weekend .

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