Fall Coffee Talk

Love my Nespresso!

Love my Nespresso!

I love the theme people use on their blogs on what I would talk about if we went for coffee. So I thought I would try it. Let’s meet for a coffee!

First of all I don’t know how people find so much time to blog. I started this one on the weekend and it’s now Wednesday and I actually had to restart it as I think I just kept shutting my computer down without saving the draft. I would like to blog at least once a week or every 10 days or something, but I guess I’d also need something interesting to talk about.

I love fall. I just don’t like what comes next. I love that first time you put on a pair of jeans or cozy sweater. I love to reacquaint with the clothes I purchased last year, or ones I have not worn for a while. Let me tell you there are too many of those! I need to lockdown my spending. I love to shop. It gives me that enjoyment some people get out of a piece of chocolate! Don’t get me wrong I like a good piece of chocolate, but if I am feeling down or need an outlet and it does not come from exercise, shopping is the next best thing. Problem is I shop more than I should. I always say I could have redone parts of my house by now if I was not such an instant gratification kind of gal. It’s not expensive things I buy, but all those little $50-$100 purchases add up. Okay so I got onto a bit of a tangent here. But that’s what happens when you go for a coffee with a friend, right??

My running is going well. It’s going well in that I have not had an ounce of pelvis or hip pain since I started. Clearly that time I started a few weeks prior to the confirming X-ray it was not ready. Now it’s ready. I am up to a 2.5 mins run and 2.5 mins walk repeated for 35-40 mins as of the next time I go out. I have done 2 mins and it’s fine. I am trying to reconnect to my form and decided to have a gait analysis done next week just to make sure. I changed to a more mid foot to forefoot stride and quick turnover about 5 yrs ago and was running injury free up until this year.  I am more than convinced my pelvic stress fracture was related to overtraining and not my stride, but good to cover all the bases. I am obviously no where near the fitness I was in terms of my running, but I have no time limits placed upon me for an upcoming event, so I plan to continue to take it very gradually and just let it happen. Mentally, my fear of running is gone now as when I first started back I was so afraid I would break something again. That was no fun. Now running is fun again and I am enjoying my walking breaks! Still loving the hot yoga and really just not having the stress of a must do training plan. Still taking it day by day and doing what I feel like while not overdoing it at the same time. Oh and I love the excitement of putting on new Mizuno fall run gear and shoes!

Awesome featherweight tight and Wave Hayate shoes.

Awesome featherweight tight and Wave Hayate shoes.

Trying to get through this book. I think I am almost 50% through and while the writing style is really good, I’m still not sure I am liking it, but liking it enough to not dump it. Now that I read on my Kindle, it is far too easy to just “dump” a book, but at the same time I have about 103 on my ‘to read’ list and so I don’t want to waste time on something I’m not enjoying.

street sweeper

I guess that’s about it for now. Oh one more thing, I have gotten so much more into cooking now that it’s not so nice out that I feel badly for being inside. I am ADDICTED to Pinterest. So many great recipes. So many great ideas. I have been making energy balls like they are going out of style and other “real” food snacks for pre-post workout and when I feel like something sweetish that is not a bar. If you haven’t yet tried them, you should, plus they only take about 5-10 mins to make once you have all the ingredients.

Energy balls. Great for pre and post workout real food!!!

Energy balls. Great for pre and post workout real food!!!

Okay until the next coffee date…….


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