Just cuz it’s time

I often think I would like to write more often as I find it so cathartic . But I just don’t have enough to write about each day and I know I don’t have that many followers on this blog so really I think sometimes I’m just writing to release some thoughts. That’s the purpose of today’s blog. Here are some random thoughts.

1. I’m enjoying the new me. It’s taken me a while to feel comfy in my new skin but I am getting there. Lower key me, more relaxed , less rules, more weight :). Since my stress fractures and all the time off I’ve gained some extra weight and as much as it’s been a bit mentally hard to feel tighter clothes and more weight when I’m running, I know this is healthier for me and to be truly honest I feel stronger, less fragile and happier. A work in progress and let’s just say I’d gotten carried away for a bit there. I intend to keep it in balance and keep everything in better perspective. A stronger athlete needs to have this to succeed and stay injury free.


2. I love who my daughter is becoming. I think this goes along with the more relaxed me, too . She’s 11. She’s such a free spirit as many kids are but also has this intense side of her. A true combo of my husband and I. Can you guess which is which ? Ha yah not hard. She’s maturing, respecting the expectations more and working harder in school . She’s a smart kid but thought she could get by without really putting in the work. Till she failed a test. Since that day about 3 weeks ago she’s been doing work ahead of due dates, studying for tests and putting effort into her assignments. And LO and behold she’s produced some awesome results. She’s sweet, caring and helpful. Yes I still need to beg her to clean her room , brush her hair and take showers but over the last few months I have seen this little tween emerge. I hope the next few teen years go as smoothly ( although I won’t be in total denial that there will be bumps along the way)!

3. Lowering my running expectations is hard. Before I had my stress fractures I was running really well. However I think I was always running faster in training than I should have been . “Easy ” runs were the same pace as my regular runs as my tempo runs which were probably more like speed workouts and those were like races. So you get my point? I was never good at easy. I think this too contributed to the problem! So now that I am trying hard to run more relaxed I get anxious that it’s not as fast as before. Then I need to talk myself down from that and say…..Hey if you were running as you should have before on easy days you are likely getting closer to that pace! Also I’m trying hard not to get too worked up about my pace as this time of year is for base building anyway. My ego is getting better at going slower and my body is also thanking me. My foot expansion is getting a bit worse but it will be a reminder that long run days are done for me if I want to be able to wear shoes :). Frustrating a bit but it will be a trade off and one I will need to continually reassess.

Well that’s all for today I think. I have been wanting to journal my thoughts for the last couple of weeks and life has been a tad busy so I feel good that I got some of these thoughts down and am okay to share them. Honesty is so hard sometimes especially in blogging where so many people’s lives look so perfect.
Have a wonderful week! I can’t believe the last month of 2014 is almost upon us. The next post will likely be a 2015 Goal setting one!

2 thoughts on “Just cuz it’s time

  1. You look great!

    I know exactly how you feel with coming back from a stress fracture. I view it as an off season re: weight gain. We often race at less that we naturally are, so I view it as a chance for my body to have a breather (at least that is what I tell the scale!)

    All the best as you have a healthy return to running!

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