2014 Recap. 2015 Goals

My 2014 recap will not take very long since in terms of racing season it was done quickly about 7km into the Sporting Life 10km on May 11. I don’t tend to race before the weather turns nice mostly because I don’t enjoy standing in the cold waiting for a race to start so this was my start and end to 2014’s athletic endeavours. I don’t mind running in cold weather but it’s that whole waiting around stuff . I did manage close to a PB at that race though in 40 mins and change. Not without a cost. Prior to Sporting Life my year was really rough with a lot of layoffs . Stupidity ruled the game this year and that’s about all I can say about it . My primary goal was to race Syracuse 70.3 in June and try to qualify for worlds in Mt. Tremblant . I dropped out of training for Syracuse about two weeks before Sporting Life which was 2 months give or take before Syracuse. I didn’t feel ready and I didn’t want to push things. Go figure .
So what did I really accomplish in 2014? A lot actually. Just more in life than in sport.
I learned that I need to respect my body and what it’s saying to me.
I leaned there are so many more important things to be engaged in than training.
I learned how to rest. And enjoy it. This is still a work in progress.
I learned to love yoga and what it did for my mind more than my body.
I learned that I physically have my limits despite mentally wanting more.
I learned to accept this and am still working on this one too.

I have found a new calm in my life but this is something I need to be continually remind myself of. I can’t just adjust a whack of years of being stressed on little things and intensity in my personality in a few short months. I am trying to talk myself down from stressful situations or times when my mind says things that aren’t necessary.

Well I actually think I’m going to end this here . I’m going to take more time to reflect on what I want for 2015 . Since it’s still a few weeks away. I don’t always need to be early for everything:).

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