Goals for 2015

Now that 2014 has come and gone I personally would like to forget about it. I started the year ripping off a full thickness layer of skin in Feb leading to 7 weeks off running, 5 weeks off wearing closed shoes of any kind and just a whole lot of frustration and tears. A few months later the stress fractures happened and well I pretty much spent the remainder of the year trying to put my life into perspective . I am so excited to start a new year with a chance to achieve some great things both personally, and athletically . Here are my goals for the year 2015.

Stay as injury free as possible.
Why do I feel like every athlete makes this one of their goals ? I think it should be less of a goal and more of a conscious decision . I think athletes have the control over this but often we refuse to accept that we are less than invincible. I intend to listen to my body, be proactive in rest and recovery when I need it and be okay with it! Keep up with strength work , keep my run distance lower and listen to my new running coach. If I do get injured or require short lay offs I will take them as an opportunity to explore new ways of staying active and new ways of filling that time that fitness currently does . I think I covered a lot of points in that one goal!

Keep up with yoga …..it’s totally helping my mind.
It still sort of blows my mind that I am doing yoga and loving it! I don’t go to yoga for the workout aspect of it although I do feel my muscles burning when I have to hold some of those standing poses. I feel my still weak left hip muscles differently than the right. I have loved the yoga for the calm it has instilled in me . And I never thought that could ever be achieved! I am not a total jelly fish but I find I rush around a lot less. I am calmer with my daughter, my husband and the line up at the grocery store :). I plan to keep the yoga in my plans at least once a week and maybe twice but it does get expensive as I prefer to do it at Moksha. I do an online one as well so I may do that also if time permits.
( BTW this is not me in the photo!)


Listen more
I want to pay attention to what my husband is saying and not cut him off mid-sentence as often as I have been known to do. He is a chatterbox and I am not, so if the point is not delivered in ten words or less I get antsy. Back to the benefits of yoga…….

Be a great mom
My daughter is entering the preteen years. She’s a super kid and still loves to hang out with me and tells me everything. Even when she sneaks the chocolate as I leave her alone at home for short periods of time she will tell me if I ask her “so how much junk did u steal while I was gone.”:). I need to keep this going so she knows she always has an ear to talk to when things in her life get tough. I want to talk not yell ( although sometimes we all know it ain’t possible ! ….back to those yoga benefits of calm) and just give her the space she needs to develop her sense of independence. Having one child can be harder than it seems as they are your everything. No one else to deflect your hopes, dreams, successes and failures in your children. You are their playmate, sounding board, support and discipliner.


Try some new races
I have always shied away from anything that was different or varied from my rigid training plan I had set out for me . Ever since my stress fracture experience I have found new ways of enjoying activity. I have run a few easy trails in the city and love it. Getting off the roads, being closer to nature, the peaceful surroundings and challenging terrain . I also love how it makes me slow down and stay alert about both my form and the footing. I’m excited to do some trail races this coming year to see what I’ve been missing all this time. I will race short courses this year and going forwards so my mechanical foot issues will not progress any further . I want to be walking in five years! I also hope to get some of my speed back as long as I can do this with a healthy mindset, and for the enjoyment, without the pressure I put on myself all the time when racing.

Cut myself some slack
It’s no secret to those who know me well that I am extremely hard on myself. I expect a lot and don’t allow for much in the way of slip ups. I know this can be unhealthy so my big goal for this year that sort of started in the last month or two is to try to allow for something other than perfection and expecting such from those around me too. Yoga ….it’s gonna come in handy here too I think. So is a lot of self talk and journaling .

I hope and feel that 2015 is going to be my best year yet ( except for 2003 when I had my baby😃, and 1992 when I got married, and 1993 when I graduated PT school, and 1999 when I did my first Ironman. ) ok so I’ve had some good years but after last year I just want this one to trump them all! Here’s to a happy healthy and calm 2015.

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