Expect the Unexpected


The happy proud finisher/

First off here’s the good news and recap of the Toronto Women’s 5km and Half Marathon that my good friend Cory Freedman has put on for the last 6 yrs .It is a seamless event. Every detail to perfection . And to top it off this year the weather was fabulous!!! My daughter ran her first 5km solo. Her first words to me were …. ” Mom I ran the whole thing. I did not even stop for water as I did not know how to drink without spilling:)”.


Pushing for the finish line! Check out those Mizuno Wave Inspires!

I was so proud of her too. We started out the morning by volunteering at kit pick up. Apparently she has a new job. She got promoted from kit passing, to bib handing out. She impressed the heck out of our team leader:). It was also a fun morning hanging out with Barb Mitchell (aka the Mizuno fairy) and some of the other girls who are brand ambassadors and bloggers. Mizuno ran a great campaign there for #IfEverybodyRan. They had people fill out cards about what they thought the world would be like if everybody ran and gave out some great swag and posted them all on Facebook.

Mizuno Barb and Krysten aka Darwinian Fail

Mizuno Barb and Krysten aka Darwinian Fail

As much as I was so looking forwards to running this event and seeing my daughter on the out and back, it was a fun morning cheering on the other runners, volunteering and hanging in the sun.

Now onto the progress report. Expect the unexpected. I had an MRI last Saturday and was thinking it was just going to confirm what we already knew. Pubic ramus stress fracture. Well it confirmed that and more. I have not one but two stress fractures in my hip/pelvis. The second one is on the acetabulum which is part of the hip socket. It’s not ideal at either location. It is going to heal though. I have been reading Jesse Thomas’s blog quite a bit of late. He had a fracture in his foot last year and needed surgery. He is a pro triathlete with a great personality. He had some tough times and got back to winning one of the biggest races this past May a year after his original injury. As much as I am not near a professional athlete status I always like to get inspired and learn from their struggles with big injuries. I won’t lie and say I did not have more than a few tears in the last two days. I have been scared that this just came on out of the blue. It has derailed my summer plans. It makes me feel vulnerable. Tomorrow I am turning over my new leaf. I know it is going to be likely 12 weeks before I am running again. It may be 6-8 before I am cycling. I am allowed to get into the pool and will try and see if either pulling or kicking work. Pulling first. Not an hour workout I will start with 15 mins. I will also start some more consistent upper body work too. I will focus on what I can do and not on what I can’t. I promise myself, I promise my family, I promise. Positive thoughts from here on in. This too will heal. I may not get to be as active as I would like to this summer, but it’s one summer out of my life. I hope soon to be off my crutches and take short walks , but for now I will sit in my backyard in my new found free time, catch up on books, watch my daughter on her trampoline, or shooting hoops and watch my husband garden (I hate gardening so I won’t be jealous of that!) I know it is all about the attitude and going forwards I will have a more positive one. Tomorrow is a new day and a new start to positive healing.



Fun weekend ahead and an update…..

I am almost at week 2 post (still likely) pubic ramus stress fracture. I went back to the sports doctor yesterday for another X-ray which was inconclusive as expected as most stress fractures don’t show up on X-ray for a few weeks if at all. He is sending me for an MRI tomorrow and continues to say lay low until we have a complete diagnosis. Also it is still early so best to allow it to continue to form callus and get stronger before exercising. Needless to say “Patient Polly” as I have named myself is trying hard to measure progress in weeks not days. On the positive side I am off my crutches, using a cane but can take some steps without pain and less of a duck like gait. So seeing that progress is encouraging at not quite 2 weeks in. I will say again, I am just DYING to do some light exercise . Plus all my new Mizuno gear I received is staring me in the face wanting to be worn!! I think I just need to wear it around the house or to go out so I can still feel that athlete in me. I find when I am injured, I lose that feeling of being an athlete when in reality it happens to most if not all athletes at some time in their life. Okay so enough about the injury!!! On to the weekend……………….

Tomorrow I will take Jada down to get her race kit for the TO Women’s run 5km. It’s her first solo 5km (we have done about 5 or so together). She wanted to run it on her own and finally is considered old enough by the race director (my friend Cory!) to do so. She has not really trained at all, started out for a week but then as she usually does, gets bored of training and just wings it! Which is totally fine in my books as she usually walks most of it after the first km.


Jada (and my hand) at last year’s 5km.

In the afternoon we have her school Fun Fair which is always a good time. Not to mention she comes home totally hyper and high on sugar which always makes for some fun. I will be at my MRI so I will miss the immediate sugar crash that occurs each year. ūüôā

Sunday is the TO Women’s Half Marathon and 5km. My good friend Cory Freedman, as mentioned above is the founder and race director of this great series and it is sponsored by Mizuno, so I look forward to seeing Barb Mitchell aka the Mizuno Fairy there as well. Plus we always volunteer as a family and I know a lot of people volunteering and running . If you are looking for a great spring race (there are also two other races in the series and if you are a series finisher you get a great prize at the end of the season) this is one to put on the calendar.


Great finishing jewelry for the half by Foxy Originals



Awesome all women’s run series . Fun to always have a woman win the race!

So that’s pretty much the weekend. Should be good to be out and and about . I also get to see my good friend Mairlyn Smith¬†at her place for a coffee and chat.¬†¬†If you are local to TO or anywhere in Canada you have likely seen her on Breakfast Television and City Line. She is a funny, witty home economist and awesome cookbook writer of all things healthy but soooooo tasty! If you have not yet seen her or any of her books, you should check them out. I love Mair and she is always such a wealth of info. We don’t get to see each other that often but when we do it is just time that flies so fast.



Such amazingly tasty, healthy and EASY recipes!

So that’s it for this update. Maybe I will have more good info after Tuesday too when I get my MRI results. And I hope to be off all walking aids by then too! Here’s to a great sunny weekend.



Couch Bound Day 6

I had a hard time deciding what to call this blog. It’s been a tough week for me. Going out last Sunday to get my “mojo” back in the Sporting Life 10km, ended up as cutting me off of everything including every day crutch free mobility¬†really for I don’t know how long right now. That’s not what I was expecting out of this race. Now for the true honesty:¬†

This is a sign. A sign that I have not been nice to myself. I sign that I had been pushing my body to it’s limits. Not giving enough rest. Feeling general day to day stress about who knows what. Stress in relationships. Stress in day to day life. Stress about not being fit enough, or fast enough, or ready to tackle the half Ironman I was supposed to do then dropped out of two weeks ago. Stress about the crappy weather and not getting out enough on my bike. Stress about money. And on and on.¬†

A mom at school who recently lost her husband to cancer¬†just recommended a book to me called “When the Body Says No” by Gabor Mate.



It is eerily true. I am only about 30 pages in, but it talks about how stress in the body affects bone health, disease etc etc. I knew all that, but really did I see it in myself? No. I think¬†I talked about how I was going to accept injury and recovery in a better frame of mind the next time something went wrong, big or small. I have cried every day since last Sunday. I talk to so many friends, fellow twitterites, family , etc and all tell me the same thing. Put the energy into healing. You can’t look back. Take one day at a time. This is a time to recognize what your body needs and give it love. I know all this. I say “yes”, I stop crying. Then the next day comes and I cry again. I told my daughter last night, that every time I say something negative, she needs to say “POSITIVE”. Then she also came up with her own silly little word that she said (something to the effect of “Rucka Shmucka Woo”) which actually drives me up a tree but maybe enough to stop being negative!!! Oh the imagination¬†of an almost 11 year old!¬†

I also need to stay off Google. I tell my patients that all the time!! Google is bad bad bad when you have any medical issue. It will scare the living crap out of you. Last night I swore off Google. This morning, guess who was back on Google! I am making a statement now. DONE ON GOOGLE!!!!!¬†The only benefit was that I connected with a few people who have had this injury. Commiserating about experiences can sometimes be useful. And sometimes not. Each situation is different. Maybe someone else will search and come up with my blog in which I may consider chronicling my recovery and process. I can’t help but think my one saving grace may have been the quick diagnosis and sudden ceasing of all activity once the symptoms came on. Heck I could not imagine doing anything after I finished that race and now. Some of these people really were in denial! I thankfully ran 8 minutes on my fractured pelvis. Not 8 weeks. Not 8 hours. Not 8 months. 8 minutes. I hope that counts for something. And saw a sports doc within 24 hours. And I go back on Thursday for another X-ray to confirm whether it is pubic rams or hopefully not femoral neck.¬†

¬†My butt is planted firmly on my couch. I am going to try to get back to some work next week, seeing clients I can see while sitting (even though I have some stairs to negotiate) and see how I respond on Tuesday. If not good, I will take another week off. If I can work , I think it will save my sanity though! It’s tough to be a healthcare worker and have injuries. A lot different than sitting at a desk. People don’t rely on you and obviously the job is physical in itself.¬†

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has a good weekend and if you are out running or cycling or swimming , do a step, spin, or lap for me! 

PS…I Hope you like my new blog design. Still tweaking but thanks to Krysten Siba Bishop aka Darwinian Fail, for the assistance !¬†

Being tested beyond belief

I hate to write negative posts but I feel like that is all I have done over the last few months. So sadly here is another notch in the ladder of mental and physical limit testing.

I ran the great Sporting Life 10km yesterday with really no big expectations after the last few months. My warm up was good. Nothing bugging me and when I started out I felt good. I set my virtual partner at a 4:08 pace and thought if I go above that I am totally cool with it. Gorgeous day , no wind, first race . Trying to get my motivation and love for it back. I was on track above my pace and hit the 5 km at 20:04. I had at that time wished it was a 5 km but continued on. As usual in this race about 7 km I get a bit of a low. What I did not expect was to have a deep ache in my pelvic bone on the left side . I continued on and kept a short stride and at about 8 km thought maybe I should pull up but of course that stupid person inside kept going. It was still just a dull ache and had it been sharp I would have definitely pulled out.

I pushed the last km and knew I was close to 40 mins. 40:35. Not a PB ( that was two years ago 40:05, but close to last year at 40:28). I knew when I was done and bumped into the lovely @runningchic Michelle Clarke that something was not right.

I have connections having been in the sports medicine world for a while so I emailed my doc. He saw me this morning and diagnosed a pelvic stress fracture. This morning I woke up wishing it has been a bad dream . It was real and he confirmed it. Sad to say my race season is done and I just want to be mobile enough soon to enjoy the nice weather strolling around with my family. For the next 5 days I will be on crutches and then hopefully a couple more weeks from now more mobile without as much pain.

Life keeps throwing me these little curveballs . Don’t they know I am not great at catching them?! I do think I said a few posts back that if I had to be sidelined again I would deal with it better. I had darn well take my eom advice. This too shall pass .

Please go and run or cycle because you can . That’s always been my motto. I will be back and for now try to catch up on books and more family time. What could be so bad about that?


And my daughter made me this beautiful Mother’s Day dinner with “pizza bowls”. She was a great hostess and did it pretty much all herself . Complete with beverages, salad , brownies and fruit salad! Love her .


What’s going on …… No gears

So tomorrow I am racing the Sporting life 10km. It’s an all downhill race pretty much so fast times are expected . Last year I ran 40:28 and the year prior I did 40:05. I know I have not been training as well in the last month or so after a month off for foot issues. However I just feel like In general my body is fighting some sort of overall fatigue. I am waiting for results of a test I had last week to determine if I may have developed osteomyelitis, which is a bone infection ( not the best scenario…..) . Given that the area where I lost my skin is still quite swollen varying through the day and red, the surgeon wanted to rule that out. I truly hope this is not the case as it would mean either long IV antibiotic treatment / or surgery to remove infection . I just think there is something up as my body does not have that extra gear it usually has and regular aerobic runs are feeling hard. I know my body really well and it just does not feel right. Nothing else has changed re: training ( although in last two weeks I have cut back) , diet, sleep, etc.

So after a short run today I am feeling like tomorrow may be a struggle. I will go and give it my best anyway. Day to day I am feeling frustrated though at how I am feeling physically and this is affecting me mentally too. I will hopefully hear something by mid week so if and I hope the test is clear I will head to my GP for further testing.

It’s a beautiful day today finally and I decided against a long ride despite really wanting to go as I know that if I am not feeling 100% I should save whatever energy I will need for tomorrow .

Best of luck to anyone else running Sporting Life tomorrow or any other events . And a happy Mother’s Day to those who celebrate! My 10 yr old is making me dinner so I can’t wait for that. She’s actually a pretty good cook. Here’s one of her last creations: from scratch!


Ready to try to do my best tomorrow supported by awesome Mizuno run gear and shoes ( will wear my fav Wave Ekiden) ! At the very least I will be comfy and breathable !


Never giving up, but having to give in…….

I have been stressed lately. Really stressed and not so happy. I realize that what is making me most stressed is the upcoming Syracuse 70.3 . After having to take that month off, and the crappy spring we are having, my training has not been where it needs to be in order to do my best. Let’s face it, I know myself. I will want to go hard and my original plan was to try to qualify for Worlds. Given that this race is in less than 2 months, and I have not yet been outside on my bike and I have not run more than 18km in 2 months, I feel like I am rushing things. My foot is not in great shape. It is in okay shape to prepare for 5-10km races, Olympic and sprint tri’s but it is not in good shape to run half marathons or run half marathons after 90 km on the bike. I am having a hard time walking properly at the end of the night and my foot is still swollen. Today I decided that in order to reduce my stress level, find that happiness again and enjoy racing, I need to drop back to short course.¬†

I also read a great article while on my bike trainer this morning (as I pondered what to do ) by Matt Fitzgerald in this month’s Triathlete magazine . it was about stress and training. He listed a whole bunch of signs that your training is stressful and your potential as an athlete is reduced. More than half of them defined me at this moment. I will admit it I am also burnt out. I trained really hard over the winter, then had the big episode with my foot. The mental and physical stress of this has taken it’s toll. I need to step back, find the love in what I am doing again and recharge the batteries. I sent my withdrawal notice to Ironman70.3 in time to recoup a small bit of my $$ back! I will also drop down to the 5km at the TO Women’s run this month. I still plan to do Sporting Life 10km next weekend.¬†

I feel a weight lifted off of me. 

This summer and fall will be about having fun again. Choosing short events, that won’t require a ton of training, and if I happen to be busy in the other aspects of my life, which I am between now and end of June (another reason why I withdrew just knowing it would mean missing some key things with family and trying hard to get it all in), then I won’t stress about missing workouts.¬†

I have been in this sport and running too since 1996 . That’s a lot of miles on the body. A lot of planning, training and racing. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but when I stopped long course in 2006, I found that passion got stronger . I need that again. And I also stayed uninjured, and got faster. Long course is not for everyone and I know it’s not for me at least not right now. Mentally and physically I need to take a step back.¬†

That’s all for now. Looking forward to a renewed sense of passion and having fun. And still racing hard :):)….just getting it over with sooner!¬†


Realizing my limits

I had¬†two visits to two different foot surgeons who both agreed they would not do¬†surgery until I stop wanting to race and run at a level I have been as it would just be a bandaid and would not correct if I continued. ¬†I have therefore come to the conclusion that if I want longevity in my running, I will need to cut back again to short distance racing and training. I can only pretend that I have normal feet for so long. Long runs are not really all that comfortable anymore. And if I look down at my foot (although both have issues), I realize that I need these big guys (yes, size 10!) to take me into my old age. Last week as I was driving, I saw a woman running who had to have been close to 70 if not older. I thought, hmmm, will that be me? Not if I keep this up it won’t. Prior to my feet surgery in 2010 I had cut back to 5-10Km racing, shorter tri’s (olympic being longest), and shorter training runs for about 6 yrs. I was fine with it and enjoyed the feeling of getting faster and being competitive. Fast¬†forward to post surgery and I thought, hmmmm with these new feet I think I can tolerate the middle distance again. Never did I contemplate going back to long distance (marathon, Ironman), but half seemed to be a new – old challenge. Well I guess I proved that I could do that for a few years until my feetsies said , yah , no, you are done. Well at least done for a little while again.

I have my half IM planned for June 22 in Syracuse. My ” A” goal was to try to qualify for IM70.3 Mt. Tremblant (the 70.3 Worlds). However after a month off of running and this crappy weather curtailing some training , my goal now is to get to the start line, race to my best, but not expect anything big to come out of it. This will be my swan song long course race for a while if not for good. ¬†To be honest, I am still not sure 100% that I will get to the start line. Part of me is really wanting to still go and just do it. The other part of me (the really Type A competitive part ….. although I am not sure there is really any difference between the two!!!), says if I can’t give it my all, maybe I should just give in to it and skip it all together. I will keep assessing how I feel and what I truly feel inside like doing. I think so many times many us of do what we think we “ought” to do vs. what we truly feel we “want ” to do. I am sort of struggling with this right now for this event. Not to mention I put out some good $$ to register and have always wanted to complete a 70.3 sanctioned race.



I am planning on running the Sporting Life 10km next weekend. My good friend Cory Freedman got the gig as race director so it gives me extra pride and motivation to run it knowing she is behind the operation. I always love this race. Straight down Yonge street, flying downhill for most of it. Two years ago, I went sub 40 for the first time and won some great swag too. This year, my goal is to go sub 42:00. Obviously with the month off and just coming back 4 weeks ago, my speed is not where it was before, but that’s okay as I will go run it as a good speed workout. Since Syracuse may still be in my plans, I will not do a taper for this and will likely try to get in a good ride the day before.


After this event, I will do Cory’s next event, the T.O. Women’s Half Marathon ( a Mizuno sponsored event!) ¬†. Again I will use this as a training run. I usually do the 5km with my daughter but she decided this year she wants to run solo, so instead of the 5km I will use the half as a long run opportunity. This will be a good test to see if I can actually not “race” something. Ha Ha……as if, but I am in no way close to racing a half marathon. I like to use the virtual partner function on my Garmin 910XT, so will make sure I don’t get too far ahead of him!



Jada and I after the 5km last May.

So I guess that’s it on the update. Realizing what my limitations are and accepting them as my new plan to fitness and racing. It’s not all about the end result, but the journey along the way. I have to keep that enjoyment of just staying fit and doing races for the fun and enjoyment of it all. Plus, I also love that my daughter sees both my husband and I being active and she loves to do so too!

I have been racing since 1998. It’s been such ¬†big part of my life and who I am for so long that I could not imagine not being involved and continuing on, but perhaps taking a bit of that pressure off at least for this year will be a good thing for me.

Still hoping for spring to come along !!!


No Surgery for me…….

Well, its been 3 weeks since I have gotten back into running and it does feel good I will admit! It is a harder road back obviously with a month off and my gait does not still feel normal to me. But whilst watching the Boston Marathon I heard that after one month off it takes two to get back your fitness. That is seeming about right. However my immediate goal of trying to qualify for the 70.3 Worlds in Tremblant for September may not be so realistic given my qualifying race is on June 22. There is no transferring of races in the 70.3 as I did research that one! Regardless I still plan to go out there, give it my best and at the very least enjoy the day. It may also be my last long event for a while…….on to the foot info.

I have seen two surgeons of late , both foot and ankle people. Best to see the ones who specialize is what you are dealing with. They both agreed that the original surgery was done well, BUT it may not have been the best choice for me given the underlying issues of hyper mobility that I have with my feet. That being said, my original surgeon did indicate that had he done another method I may not have been able to run well or run at all, so we did decide at the time this was the least invasive and best process for what I was looking for. I just wish I could have known that it would not result in longer lasting effects as I may have chosen not to do it in the first place. There are some other changes that went on in my foot since that surgery. The consensus is there will be no further surgery until I decide that competitive running/triathlon is no longer in my future. For right now, I can’t say I am ready to give that up. So, I live with it, I cut holes in my shoes to provide space for my ever widening and flattening forefoot, I sleep in this honking calf splint for another 5 weeks to lengthen out the muscle/tendon unit to decrease the pull on my foot, and I try to strengthen whatever lower leg muscles I can to support and prevent excessive roll in.

Image This boot gets so HOT from the neoprene. Maybe I should invent another…!

I will consider cutting back on my distances again after this season. Prior to surgery in 2010 I had cut back for 6 yrs going from long course, like Ironman and marathons, to 10km/Olympic distance and shorter. I enjoyed the speed and competitiveness of short course and it also suited my training likes too. I enjoy middle distance now too, but will see how it all works out from a foot perspective. I would prefer to be able to do something vs. nothing. I love running too much to give it all up at this point in my life.

Image Sadly I have to cut holes in my beautiful Mizuno shoes. But they still work! Extra air conditioning ūüôā

This whole process has given me a new perspective on things. It has made me look into my life a bit more, why I do what I do and what my personality says about me. So it has not all been for naught. Everything does happen for a reason and as much as it is hard to take when you are in it and have that part of you taken away, it does usually pass. Each time it happens I do vow to deal with it better. Hopefully if there is a next time, which as an athlete inevitably there will be (although I hope not for a while!), I will deal with it in a more positive way.

On a fun note, I just booked my daughter and I on a girls weekend to NYC! Mid August, just the two of us. She is so excited and has made her list of things to do. All of them are candy shops:). I will explain to her that a girls grown up weekend in NYC includes apparel shopping, food and lots of walking. With the odd candy shop sprinkled in:)

Image This is how I told her . Hid the note somewhere where she would see it. She was so happy and grateful.
Image This is the two of us before the 5km in St. Louis.

That’s it for now. ¬†I wish the warmer weather would stay because it is time to get outside on long bike rides, before I run out of time:). I am sort of wimpy…..Has to be at least 10 degrees by 10 am and even warmer is better. Plus now I have built in air conditioning in my bike shoe too. Booties don’t cut it for me anymore.

Have a great weekend!


Liebster Award Nominee

So I got nominated for a Liebster award by none other than Michelle Clarke michelletherunner.com (aka @runningchic on Twitter!). Michelle is a great ambassador for so many running products and the like, plus just an all out fun kinda gal. She is also a fellow Mizuno Running Ambassador. (mizunocda.com).


Now I have to answer the 10 questions that I have been given. I love this stuff. Especially when I know the answers!!! Thank you Michelle for nominating me! I have never been nominated for any thing social media like before and I really want to get to be able to touch base with others and hopefully inspire along the way. Then I need to nominate 10 more. So here goes the answers to my questions.

1. What is the most useful running gear you use?

Probably my Garmin 910 XT. I love the ability to program all my interval workouts into it and to have it vibrate on my arm when it is time to change gears in pace. I also like that it has so many different screen options.


2. Do you run with music and if so what is your favourite band to run to?

I used to run to music all the time. Now I got hooked onto audio books. First it gives me a chance to catch up on some books I have no time to read. I love to read but I am SLOW especially when it is not summer. So this way I can get through more books! I thought I would need music to keep me going pace wise, but found it is far more easy to get through longer runs and keep me engaged with books. However the first time I did it I tripped!! Not sure if that was from thinking about the book or there was just a divot in the road! When I do speed work though I have a mixed playlist of music. No favourites…just top 40 stuff:)

3. If you could go anywhere in the world to run a race, which race would you choose.

Hmmm, so many choices. I will split it up into two. If a North American destination, I would love to go to the Big Sur Half Marathon. Big Sur looks like a beautiful place. Otherwise, internationally I would love to run somewhere in Italy. Great coffee, great food, great people.

Big Sur looks so gorgeous!

Big Sur looks so gorgeous!

4. Do you have any unusual or quirky pre-race tradition?

Nope. Just same warm up (but depends on the distance of the race and whether it is a tri or a road race)

5. What is your most memorable race story?

I think it’s a tie for this one too. I have a lot of them as I have been racing in road or tri for the last 16 yrs. My first 5km was the Run for the Cure. My husband pinned my number on my back (that’s where we thought it went! and he said, I hope I am not going to have to do too many of these….well 16 yrs later…and he has also been in running for many years having just finished his 7th marathon! My other most memorable was doing a tri with my daughter when she was 3…..my proudest mommy moment other than her birth. It was so cute.

6. Do you prefer running first thing in the morning or at night?

Definitely a morning runner! My usual time is 6 a.m. On weekends, I prefer a little later so I can have some coffee and fruit first. I love the quiet in the morning and the traffic free roads. And running without too much food in me as I get cramps if I eat too close to a run.

7. If you could share one training tip what would it be?

Gradual progression of distance, speed etc. Don’t increase too much too soon. ¬†As a physio and coach, I always see the fall out of poor training plans.

8. Favorite food to eat after a Sunday long run?

My go to breakfast: 2 plain rice cakes (1 with cottage cheese and jam, 1 toasted with natural peanut butter and nutella), 1 caramel Cracker Jack rice cake toasted with natural peanut butter and honey . I have this then after my shower have a 2nd homemade latte. I am a peanut butter fiend.

9. Who inspires you?

I can’t really think of one person, more I am inspired to keep fit and healthy to be a good example for my daughter. To demonstrate¬†what it means to use our bodies in a healthy way. To strive for goals if we have them related to running or life.


10. What is your favourite running movie?

I loved Saint Ralph. The story of the little boy determined to be the youngest to run Boston. He overcame adversity and people telling him he could not do it.


So here are my 10 nominees: (I may have a hard time coming up with 10??)

1. http://www.darwinianfail.com



4. http://www.runemz.com


6. http://www.andithefitgeek.com

7. http://www.runningwell.ca

8. www.irun.ca/blog/index.php/category/karenkarnis

Well I got to 8……:) . I guess that take me out!

Here are my 10 questions: 

1. What is your go to pre – run food or drink?

2. What other cross training activities do you participate in?

3. Do you prefer solo runs or group runs?

4. What is your favourite brand of running shoe?

5. Do you run more outside or on a treadmill?

6. What is your favourite race memory?

7. What nutrition products do you use regularly?

8. Have you ever had an injury that took you out of running for more than a month? If so, what was it and how long were you on the shelf?

9. Do you always run with fluids? Or do you find drinks along the way?

10. Are there any races that you have run every year since you started to run or race?



Meet me in St. Louis

So this weekend we all travelled to St. Louis to see some cousins of my husbands and to run the Go St Louis races. My husband is doing the marathon. He persevered through this brutal polar vortex winter and that alone is a feat! I was to run the half but given the foot issues I had with the skin open I lost a month. I was bummed but in the end I ran the 5 km with my cutie which was a blast! It’s so fun to run where I don’t usually and enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere! I never look around when I run so this is always great to get the joy of racing.